Fair Elections Agenda

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MassVOTE’s Recommended Legislation for 2013

Please support these measures to modernize election laws, increase civic engagement, safeguard the accuracy of election results, and save money.

Comprehensive Election Reform (Sen. Finegold S327) Includes election audits, pre-registration, voter registration modernization, early voting, and more.


Pre-Registration (Rep. Moran H617, Rep. Michlewitz H614, Sen. DiDomenico S316) Allows 16 and 17 year-olds to pre-register so they are ready to vote the day they turn 18, reducing the rush of October registrations that require costly temporary staff.


Online Registration and Statewide Registration Lookup (Rep. Garballey H581, Sen. Clark S313)Lets citizens check their registration status and register online if they have a signature in the Registry of Motor Vehicles database.  Processing online registrations costs 95% less than entering hand-written forms.


Permanent Registration (Rep. Moran H620 Rep. Garballey H582, Rep Andrews H557, Sen. Chang-Diaz S310) Let our Central Voter Registry get updated the same way businesses update their mailing lists, using data from the US Postal Service and the Registry of Motor Vehicles to make sure people are registered where they actually live – saving hundreds of thousands in annual costs.


Election Day Registration (Rep. Fox H579, Sen. Creem S314)Lets citizens who can provide ID register and vote on Election Day.


Comprehensive Voter Registration Modernization (S325 Sen. Eldridge)

Puts together Pre-Registration, Online Registration, Permanent Registration, and Election Day Registration in a single bill.


At-Will Absentee Voting (Sen. Murray S12, Stanley H644, Rep. Straus H63)  Lets any registered citizen vote absentee without having to provide an excuse.


Early Voting (Sen. Murray S12, Rep. Michlewitz H615, Rep. S. Walsh H650, Rep. Cantwell H568, Rep. Koczera H604) Lets citizens cast their ballot in-person before Election Day if they cannot, for example, leave work or wait in long lines.  Early voting should be offered on Saturdays, Sundays and in the evenings.


Election Audits and Paper Ballots (Rep. Moran H618, Rep. Michlewitz H613, Sen. Petruccelli S331, Sen. Eldridge S324, Rep. Kaufman & Sen. Barrett H600)In most states, random audits ensure that machines used to count paper ballots are accurate… but here, except in a handful of recounts, the machines’ count of cast ballots is never checked.  Audits are a common-sense safeguard to check a small percentage of randomly selected precincts in federal election years.

 To Download a copy of our Legislative Agenda: 2013 MassVOTE’s Recommended Legislation PDF


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