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CENSUS 2020 

Who: Everyone should be counted in the census. This includes citizens, immigrants, children, adults, and others living with you!

What: The Census is a count of all people living in the United States every 10 years. The data from the census is confidential and cannot be used against you. Individual household data cannot be shared with anyone for 72 years.


Why: By filling out the census you can make sure your state, county and community get $24,000 per person for the next 10 years. This money is used for schools, affordable housing, roads, and other vital investments.

Where/How: Starting in March 2020, each household will receive a letter from the Census Bureau. You will be able to respond either online, over the phone or by filling out a paper form. The census online or by phone is available in 13 languages with paper forms being available in English and Spanish.


16 billion is nearly 40% of the Massachsuetts State Budget. If an accurate count is hindered Massachusetts could stand to lose billions in federal funding. A risk we cannot afford. 

Non-Profit Role

Thanks to an allocation by the Massachusetts Legislature Non-Profits will aid with outreach across the state. Local non-profits are trusted resources for residents and can aid in ensuring an accurate count for communities. 

Geographical Challenges

Due to an underfunded budget, Massachusetts has fewer resources for the 2020 Census. Boston has some of the hardest to count areas in the nation due to a large renter population and the effects of high rents. Western Massachusetts has no census office and its limited internet connectivity makes it vulnerable to be under-counted and underrepresented. 

Political Representation & Districts

Census data has historically been used to determine congressional representation as well as state and local district lines. In 2010, for example, Massachusetts lost a seat in Congress. 

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

“We need to make sure we are all counted because it determines our representation in Congress and I can’t underscore that enough. We need accurate census counts to protect our voices in Congress…  If we don’t do the count accurately we won’t get what is due to us in the Commonwealth.”

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

"The 2020 Census must count every single person. Our Constitution demands it. Our democracy requires it. “

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