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The Great Demand: Confronting the 19th Amendment

From Lucy Stone and Ida B. Wells, to Jovita Idár and Fannie Lou Hamer, the struggle for equal access to the ballot box has persisted across generations. Now, in this critical election year, it's our turn to “finish the fight!” Through a selection of short plays that uplift the often ignored voices in the quest for suffrage, and in conversation with organizers working to address disparities in voting access today, this digital event combines art and advocacy to celebrate how far we've come and look forward to the work that still remains to achieve true universal suffrage.

Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM



Beth Huang, Executive Director of Massachusetts Voter Table

J. Cottle, Executive Director of Dunamis and YCL Coordinator at MassVOTE

Emily Ruddock, Executive Director of MASSCreative

Ayanna Polk, Communications and Outreach Manager for the Mayor's Office of Women’s Advancement


All five plays were written by C1 PlayLab playwrights and alums.


by Ashley-Rose and Zahra A. Belyea

directed by Jasmine Brooks

featuring Liana Asim and Sabrina Victor

Show Me

by Alexis K. Morgan

directed by Jessica Scout Malone

featuring Chris Everett, Hayley Spivey, and Veronica Wiseman

A Single Drop of Water Makes an Ocean

by Sari Boren and Amy Merrill

directed by Josh Glenn-Kayden

featuring Tatiana Isabel Gil and Jo Michael Rezes

The Future Is

by Fabiola R. Decius and Bess Welden

directed by Jasmine Brooks

featuring Deity Blair, Aislinn Brophy, and Sabrina Victor

Democracy Should Begin at Home

by Catherine Stewart and Dillon Yruegas

directed by Jessica Scout Malone

featuring Chris Everett and Hayley Spivey


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