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Update: Redistricting

August 16, 2021:

We have some exciting updates to share with you regarding redistricting.

Last week, the Census Bureau released the 2020 Census data. While we're still digging through the details, the data for Massachusetts included some pretty stunning finds. While the western part of the state lost residents, Boston and many of the state's Gateway Cities grew at rapid rates not seen in decades, if ever.

Boston, for example, grew at a rate of 9.4%.

Brockton: 12.6%.

Worcester: 14.1%.

Lawrence: 16.7%.

Revere: 20.2%.

These results reveal that Massachusetts is not only growing, but that it is becoming far more diverse. The communities that are growing are the same ones that have long served as home for those that traditionally go underserved, like Black and brown, low income, and immigrant individuals. However, in using this Census data, we aim to ensure that communities like these have their voices heard to the greatest degree possible.

Using this data, we will partner with advocates and legislators alike to create the most accurate and representative legislative districts possible. We will prioritize the creation of majority-BIPOC districts where possible, like in Boston and the Gateway Cities, to empower the very communities that routinely see their interests ignored. Through these efforts, we seek to make certain that Beacon Hill is just as diverse as Massachusetts itself.

But to achieve these efforts, we need your support. Please consider volunteering with MassVOTE, where you will carry out crucial tasks like contacting legislators and residents around the importance of redistricting. Additionally, please consider donating to MassVOTE. Any financial assistance you can offer, ranging from $25 to $50 to $100, will go a long way.


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