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2018 Ballot Initiatives 

Understanding Question 1

Question 1: This law would limit how many patients could be assigned to each registered nurse. The maximum number of patients per nurse would vary by unit and level of care.


Yes: Would limit the number of patients assigned to nurses at hospitals and health care facilities.


No: Would make no change in current laws regarding nurse/patient ratios.

Understanding Question 2

Question 2: This law would create a citizens commission to recommend potential amendments to the US Constitution to regulate campaign contributions and spending, and establishing that corporations do have the same rights as human beings.


Yes: Create the citizen’s commission

No: Would not create the citizen’s commission

Understanding Question 3

Question 3: This law adds gender identity to the listed of prohibited grounds of discrimination along with race, color, creed, original, sex, disability, and ancestry in any place that is open to and accepts the patronage of the general public.


Yes: Would keep the law in place that prohibits the discrimination on the basis of gender identity.


No: Would repeal the gender-identity provision in the anti-discrimination law.


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