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The Voting ACCESS Act 

The Voting ACCESS Act was introduced this legislative session and filed by Sen. Creem. This act consists of four bills, called the Election Modernization Coalition House Bills, filed by Rep. Gentile, Rep. Moran, Rep. Khan, and Rep. Arriaga. These bills would create systemic solutions through administrative changes to make voting accessible and equitable. Read more about each bill below:  

Re-Precinct Boston


Same Day registration 
HD 2537

If eligible individuals complete and sign an affidavit of registration and present specified information, they can register as voters at Election Day polling places and early voting sites in order to vote there. The law about assistance for individuals with physical or language disabilities applies.

Decouple Voter Registration from Municipal Census
HD 3498


Instead of being dropped from the voting register for not responding to the annual municipal census, voters’ names will go on the inactive list, given that information that they have moved from the city or town is received from the U.S. Postal Service’s national change of address program, the multistate Electronic Registration Information Center, or official notice by another jurisdiction. On the inactive list, voters can vote on a regular ballot if they affirm continued residence in their city or town -- until they fail to vote after two consecutive regular state general elections, including one presidential election. 


Enforce Voting Accessibility
HD 3551

Requires the Secretary to arrange inspection of all polling places and early voting sites at least once every four years, to ensure compliance with federal and state disability accessibility laws, and to report on progress annually. Cities and towns not in compliance must take immediate action to comply and file a compliance plan, and the Attorney General can enforce compliance in court. 

Combine Mail Voting Forms
HD 3437


Requires uniform mail voting applications, instructions, ballot styles, envelopes, and other papers and electronic documents, without distinguishing separate forms for early voting by mail and absentee voting.

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