MassVOTE is rooted in this country’s historical struggles for racial equality over the past 200+ years, and initiated by the passing of the cornerstone civil rights legislation, the Voting Rights Acts of 1965. Our roots stem from those that worked to create and form a culture of civic participation among historically disenfranchised groups in underserved communities across the country. Today these communities comprise the “rising electorate” of Massachusetts, comprised of people of color, naturalized citizens, youth and low income voters.  Our Democracy for All program continues our work in promoting non-partisan voter education, engagement and participation in our democratic system.  Learn more about our program areas:

The Civic Engagement Initiative (CEI):



The Civic Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a collaborative fund that is administered by MassVOTE, with the goal of assisting community and grassroots organization in building and creating initiatives that foster year-long civic engagement. The CEI fund supports a non-partisan effort to increase voter participation, as well as a range of activities that supports building and enhancing a robust voter participation culture in the communities we serve.


Organizations that are committed to building their civic engagement program and further developing their internal capacity to use voter engagement as a tool for community change are welcomed to apply for the 2019 Grant Cycle.


Please review the following guidelines below before applying:

    • Have a strong commitment to building, creating or sustaining its non-partisan civic engagement work.

    • Combine non-partisan voter education and mobilization with education and discussion about important public policy solutions, for example, the need for quality jobs, good schools, safe streets, etc.

    • Be committed to social, racial and economic justice as your work holds public institutions accountable to those who are directly affected.

    • Be ready and willing to build the organization’s capacity to use the Voter Activation Network (VAN), voter tracking system database, which is free of cost to participating organizations.

    • Participate in skill, leadership and voter management trainings.  


If you have any questions feel free to contact  OR our Program Manager Gloribell Mota at

Workshops and Trainings:


MassVOTE trainings are designed to advance and support developing civic engagement ambassadors throughout with the hope that we all can support civic participation by educating and learning what is it takes to get out the vote. Areas our training and workshop cover are:  training and workshop consist of: 

  • MassVOTE Why Voting Matters

  • Voter Access: Know your Rights

  • Voter Registration Process & Activation

  • Election Reform Legislation, Election Cycle and Current legislative priorities

  • Voter Engagement: Get Out the Vote Planning 


For more information or to set up a training session, please email OR our Program Manager Gloribell Mota at


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