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Intern Reflection: Haley

Interning at MassVOTE has been the highlight of my semester. I absolutely loved everything about it. As a first-year government student I had a passion for law and policy but I didn’t have any real life experience working with it. Through this internship I learned how to write about different policies and pieces of legislation like Election Day Registration and Early Voting by drafting both constituent letters and letters to the editor. I also learned about the importance of education and spreading the word. The more educated people are on particular issues the more likely they are going to do something about them.

During my time there I was also able to learn a lot about the organization as a whole. Everyday the staff at MassVOTE works to make voting more accessible to everyone especially those in underprivileged communities while also working to educate folks on why their vote matters, all while pushing legislators to create policies that will make that happen. Although I am stepping away from my intern position, MassVOTE and their mission will be in my heart forever.

I am beyond grateful to Cheryl, J., and Tegan for being such wonderful role models and allowing me to join the MassVOTE family. And to Alex I am especially grateful for being such a wonderful boss and showing me through your passion how important this work really is. Overall this experience is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. It saddens me to say goodbye but I know they will continue to do amazing work and make an incredibly large difference.

With the utmost gratitude,

Haley Donovan, Suffolk University

Policy and Communications Intern

Spring 2020

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