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Rule Change Brings Us Closer to Voting Equity

Updated: Jun 11

In Massachusetts, the Senate recently approved a new rule to make voting easier. This change, pushed forward by Senator Cindy Creem, helps people who didn’t return their local census from being unfairly penalized by not being allowed to vote. Previously, these people were placed on an "inactive" list, making it harder for them to vote. This rule change is a big step in making sure everyone can vote easily.

Many groups in Massachusetts have been working hard to remove these voting barriers, especially for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities who were affected the most. Leaders from groups like the ACLU of Massachusetts, Common Cause Massachusetts, and the Urban League have all supported this change, saying it's important to make sure everyone can vote without trouble.

The amendment's success is seen as a win for democracy. It shows that Massachusetts is leading the way in making sure voting is fair and simple for everyone. This is especially important at a time when voting rights are being challenged in other parts of the country.

Now, the focus is on making sure this rule becomes a permanent part of the state budget. It’s important for everyone to keep supporting this effort, so the new rule is put into practice correctly and helps all voters in Massachusetts. This could also encourage other states to make similar positive changes for voting rights.

Approval by the Senate

The Senate approved the amendment on May 23, 2024. Approval by the Senate means that the amendment has passed one critical stage of the legislative process. The next steps involve the amendment being reviewed and potentially approved by the House of Representatives. If the House also approves it, the amendment will then need to be signed into law by the Governor. Once signed, the new rule will be implemented and integrated into the state's voting regulations.

It's never too late to celebrate a Senate victory!


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