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Update: Election Day Registration

February 17, 2022:

Late last month, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted in favor of the VOTES Act, pledging their support to making permanent critical electoral reforms like mail-in and early in-person voting. However, the House chose to leave out one paramount reform: Election Day Registration (EDR). Now, because the House and Senate versions of the VOTES Act differ, a small group of legislators are finalizing the bill in conference committee.

While this is a disappointing development, the fight for EDR is far from over. For over a decade, MassVOTE has supported EDR, and we will support it for as many decades as we must. This is because it is a policy proven to make our elections more equitable and efficient. By reducing voter registration barriers, EDR is shown to boost voter turnout for all, especially Black and brown, low income, immigrant, and young voters. It also decreases administrative burdens of running elections by allowing election workers to update registration information on the spot.

We have only emphasized our support for EDR since the House's vote last month. In just the past few weeks, we joined GBH's Basic Black to discuss this policy. Our opinion piece was also featured in the Boston Globe. Additionally, we joined our partners in the Election Modernization Coalition for a press conference in support of EDR at the State House.

As we continue to make our voice heard on EDR, we ask for your support by doing so too. Click here to contact your state representative NOW and urge them to include EDR in the final version of the VOTES Act. By doing so, you'll help make our democracy a more equitable and efficient one.

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