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How do you remain non-partisan in your role as a YCL?

As a YCL at MassVote, we have to be Non-partisan; not biased, especially toward any particular political group. This means when we register people to vote or do events we cannot share out our political stance. Everyone is entitled to any political party of their choosing. All we can do is guide them to register and vote, inform them on candidates and push the constitutional right to vote and spreading understanding of its potential. So even if someone is a republican or democrat that fact does not matter, we are just trying to spread this country's democratic ideal of voting.

What do you say to people who say their vote does not matter?

I am surprised when people say their vote doesn’t matter. A vote is a voice that has a say about what happens in our government.I tell people that their vote DOES matter. I tell them that I am jealous that I can’t vote on serious issues that are happening in the county that I live in and that they’re wasting their voice. We all should have a say in our government. Americans are very fortunate when it comes to voting & government. Our government allows us to help make collective decisions about various topics and issues. The United States was founded on having a democracy and a chance for every citizen to make collective decisions about what happens in the government.

What is needed to make voting easier? Even in your community? 

Although there are numerous ways to make voting easier, we should have Election Day Registration. This enables eligible citizens to register to vote or update their registration when they arrive at their assigned polls. Nobody who shows up to vote should be turned away.

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