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Celebrating Common Cause's Successful Launch of 2024 Town Hall Series in Brockton, Lawrence, and Springfield

Updated: Jan 30

We enthusiastically congratulate Common Cause for an outstanding launch of their 2024 Town Hall Series, beginning in Brockton and followed by impactful events in Lawrence and Springfield. Organized by Common Cause's Election Modernization Coalition, these town halls have played a crucial role in fostering vital discussions about Massachusetts' voting laws, sharing voter experiences, and promoting advocacy for a more accessible democracy.

The series commenced in Brockton with a remarkable turnout of nearly 50 attendees, setting a high standard for community engagement and support for the Voting ACCESS Act. The presence of engaged citizens and elected officials at this inaugural event underscored the community's strong commitment to democratic reforms.

Following Brockton, the Town Hall in Lawrence continued the momentum, engaging voters in meaningful conversations about the importance of eliminating barriers to voting through The Votes Act.

The series then moved to Springfield, where close to 40 attendees filled the room, energized by the support of local organizations and the exceptional efforts of Shanique and the Voter Table team. This event further highlighted the community's dedication to enhancing democratic participation.

These town halls, each unique in their impact and community involvement, have set a powerful and inspiring tone for 2024. They demonstrate Common Cause's unwavering commitment to creating more inclusive and accessible voting processes in Massachusetts. Congratulations to Common Cause and all the dedicated individuals who have contributed to making these Town Halls a beacon of civic participation and democratic progress.

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