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Gratitude to Boston Cares

Updated: Jan 30

MassVOTE had the privilege of participating in a significant event at Boston Latin School, organized in collaboration with Boston Cares as part of the MLK celebration. This event was a cornerstone of our activities for the month, reflecting our ongoing commitment to voter engagement and education.

During this event, we focused on two main areas:

1. Voter Registration: We provided voter registration services, which is a fundamental aspect of our mission to increase voter participation and ensure that every voice is heard in our democracy.

2. Information Session on Policy Work and Organizing: We conducted an informative session to educate attendees about our policy work and organizing efforts. This session was crucial in raising awareness about the importance of civic engagement and the impact of policy on everyday lives.

A highlight of the event was our collaboration with Ed Shoemaker of Ranked Choice Boston. Together, we discussed Ranked Choice Boston and delved into various policy initiatives that MassVOTE champions, such as the Votes Act. This Act is particularly significant as it includes provisions for Same Day Voter Registration, a critical step towards making voting more accessible and inclusive.

The event also served as a platform for us to stress the importance of local and statewide organizing, aligning perfectly with our goals of promoting voter registration, educating the public on important policy issues, and advocating for a more accessible and representative democracy.

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