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In It Together 9/3/2020

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

By Mary Blake, Arun Rath and Amanda Beland

Ballots are still being counted across the state, but one thing is clear: Turnout was higher than expected in Tuesday's primary.

GBH Radio's Mary Blake spoke with Alex Psilakis, policy and communications manager with MassVOTE about how the organization got the word out in lower income communities and communities of color in this age of social distancing.

Then, a re-air of a poignant conversation host Arun Rath had with Rev. Mary Jane Eaton back in May. Reverend Eaton is part of the Common Cathedral ministry, which serves homeless residents in Boston.


Alex Psilakis - 2:00 Reverend Mary Jane Eaton - 14:49

This interview originally appeared on GBH radio. Check it out here!

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