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MassVOTE Statement: Wisconsin’s Chaotic Presidential Primary Highlights the Urgent Need for Election

“Wisconsin’s April 7th Presidential Primary is proving a chaotic, disorganized election that emphasizes why Massachusetts must implement long-term electoral reform in light of the COVID19 crisis,” said Alex Psilakis, Policy and Communications Manager at MassVOTE.

“Contradictory court rulings, absentee ballots that will go uncounted, an immense lack of election officials, polling sites that do not enforce social distancing practices – all of these are unprecedented challenges that are deterring the voices of Wisconsin’s voters. Yet if Massachusetts does not act rapidly and decisively, we risk facing similar conditions in our September State Primary and November General Election.

“While we hope that the present crisis does not extend into the fall, we must be prepared in the case that it does. In light of this, the state must take a number of steps to make sure that our electoral system may function in a safe, secure, accessible, and inclusive manner. This includes implementing no-excuse absentee voting, expanding early voting, passing election day registration, and ensuring that each polling site is constantly cleaned.

“Now more than ever, the people of Massachusetts deserve to have their voices heard. We at MassVOTE are here to make sure that they do.”

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