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New Report Explores How Ranked Choice Voting Benefits Candidates and Voters of Color

We are excited to share this new research report, "Ranked Choice Voting Elections Benefit Candidates and Voters of Color." This comprehensive study, conducted by FairVote's senior research analysts Deb Otis and Nora Dell, with contributions from Chris Zawora and Omar Danaf, delves into the transformative impact of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) on electoral outcomes for communities of color.

Key Findings:

  • Enhanced Political Representation: The report illustrates how RCV has led to improved political representation for people of color, analyzing the dynamics from both the candidates' and voters' perspectives.

  • Support for Candidates of Color: Data shows that candidates of color, especially Black and Hispanic/Latino candidates, significantly increase their vote totals between the initial and final rounds of RCV elections, suggesting strong community support and strategic cross-racial alliances.

  • Voter Engagement: Communities of color engage deeply with RCV, utilizing their full array of ranking choices more frequently than their white counterparts, which underscores a robust participation in the democratic process.

The report also features insightful case studies from New York City and San Francisco, highlighting specific elections where RCV has successfully supported candidates of color in overcoming electoral challenges and securing victories that reflect the community's will.

We encourage our readers to explore the full report to understand the broader implications of RCV in enhancing democratic inclusivity and fairness. The findings advocate for the broader adoption of RCV as a means to reduce vote splitting and encourage diverse candidate fields, thereby enriching our political landscapes.

Read the Full Report to dive deeper into how RCV is reshaping the future of voting in America for a more equitable and representative democracy.

You can also download a copy of the report below:

Ranked Choice Voting Elections Benefit Candidates and Voters of Color
Download PDF • 3.25MB

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