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Tell Your Senator: Support H.3863

June 11, 2021: Once more, we need your support. On Thursday, we asked you to contact your state representatives in regards to H.3863: An Act Relative to Reprecincting. We believed the bill essential to ensuring that the state conduct the most equitable and inclusive redistricting process possible, and we believe it now.

Fortunately, the bill passed the House by the wide margin of 131-29. Now the bill moves to the Senate for consideration.

However, opposition for the bill is growing, and Senate support is beginning to waver. We must not let this stand: tell your state senator to support H.3863 NOW! Remind your senator that this bill is crucial to guaranteeing that the state has enough time to conduct the redistricting process. Without it, the state may not only run up against constitutionally-mandated deadlines, but it may also impede their ability to draw fair, accurate legislative districts. Such a blunder would disproportionately and unjustly impact Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), low-income, and immigrant communities.

- All of us at MassVOTE

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