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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

How do you remain Non-Partisan in your role?

Q1: I remain Non-partisan by not feeding into the hype. I myself am an unpredictable person so I will not always agree with something because a Democrat or Republican said it nor will I side with any political party. The reason being because I believe in whats right, the issue, not the hype. With the knowledge I have, I refrain from being partisan, easily in fact.

How do you respond if someone says their vote does not matter?

Q2: When people tell me their vote does not matter, they underestimate their power. There is a probability for their vote to be the real game changer for the whole election. I aim to educate, to show the true power of their vote.

How do we make voting easier?

Q3: To making voting easier, I do not have a direct solution off the top of my head. I think voter ID laws restrict, cause unnecessary stress will and make it harder to make a difference. We should have Election Day Registration so we will be able to register and vote the same day.

What's the youth role in civic engagement?

Q4: Lets admit it the older generations have made a mess in the government. We need youth, youth leadership specifically.

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