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Blog Post: Redistricting Update

July 19, 2021: Over the next two weeks, the state's Special Joint Committee on Redistricting will hold 10 hearings. These hearings, which include both region-based and language-based, will allow residents to make clear their needs, interests, and lived experiences to policymakers. In doing so, residents will help create a democracy that is as responsive to and reflective of the people as possible.

The hearings to take place are:

1) July 19, 12 pm: Congressional District 4 (Rep. Jake Auchincloss)

2) July 20, 4 pm: Mandarin in-language hearing

3) July 20, 6 pm: Cantonese in-language hearing

4) July 23, 12 pm: Spanish in-language hearing

5) July 26, 2 pm: Portuguese in-language hearing

6) July 26, 5 pm: Cape Verdean Creole in-language hearing

7) July 27, 12 pm: Vietnamese in-language hearing

8) July 27, 2 pm: Haitian Creole in-language hearing

9) July 27, 4 pm: Khmer in-language hearing

10) July 29, 5 pm: Congressional District 9 (Rep. Bill Keating)

If you are a member of any of these communities, or if you have an interest in any of these committees, we strongly encourage you to make your voice heard. You may either submit written testimony, or offer oral testimony via Zoom during the hearing. No matter how you make your voice heard, it's crucial that you do: these hearings will play a large part in deciding what your community looks like for the next 10 years. Your community, and the state more broadly, cannot afford to see you go ignored.

If you require any assistance in drafting testimony, or if you have any questions, contact us at We also ask that you share this information with anyone you believe may be interested.

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