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How do you remain non-partisan in your role as a YCL?

I remain non-partisan as a YCL because I make sure that main focus is I am able to educate civilians on what their rights are and how to be able to vote in their elections and ballot questions.I am sure to stay away from a biased opinion when giving them information on how to use the countries voting system.I continue to remain non partisan because my job does not require me to pick a political position therefore keeping me non partisan.

What do you say to people who say their vote does not matter?

When people tell me their vote does not matter, I tell them that every vote counts and that they deserve to be heard. I also tell them that when they vote they have just that much more influence in their government than they had the day before. I let them know that they matter and that when they vote; the outcome of the election can be affected even in the slightest manner.

What's the role for youth in ensuring easier access to the ballot box?

The role of youth to ensure easier access to the ballot box is to be aware of the ballot box locations and the closest locations accessible to them. Youth also need to make sure they know what the ballot questions mean and how they will affect their community based on their answers. This will allow less confusion and allow the youth to be able to effectively vote on the ballot questions.

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