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MassVOTE is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that seeks to increase voter participation in our state. We advocate for electoral justice for the sake of building a government truly representative of the people. 


In 1999, a small group of community leaders came together to close the voter turnout gap between white, suburban areas and urban communities of color.

Today MassVOTE works on a nonpartisan basis to increase voter registration, education, and participation in historically underrepresented communities in Massachusetts to promote social, economic, environmental, and racial justice.

MassVOTE trains nonprofit staff and volunteers - people with legitimacy, credibility, and relationships in the community- to tie voting people's everyday concerns. When people go to community nonprofits for healthcare, affordable housing, and childcare, MassVOTE helps them become engaged voters whose voices will be heard.


Learn More About The Legislative Priorities We Are Pursuing:  

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